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  • How house prices and debts are building ugly tensions between parents and their children

    Soaring debts and the difficulties in getting onto the property ladder for young adults is putting strain on their relationships with their parents; who were in the baby boom generation, enjoying decades of house inflation. Shockingly My Voucher Codes found [.....]

  • The dangers of ignoring your post

    If you’re one of those people that leave piles of un-opened post forgotten in a drawer, then you could be putting your finances at risk. A survey conducted by My Voucher Codes discovered that half of Brits ignore letters from [.....]

  • Don’t suffer in silence with PND

    My Voucher Codes can reveal that 57% of mums feel depressed after labour and 21% said that they had postnatal depression. Less than half of the 1,172 new mums asked who said they suffered from PND actually asked for help. [.....]

  • Rather be childless that ruin your figure?

    Despite the age group being between 18 and 22; one in four said they didn’t want children. However, 30% of people surveyed by My Voucher Codes said they’d rather be childless, than ruin their figures. The biggest fear about pregnancy [.....]

  • Average Brit sees Google logo over 50 times per day

    “A survey of 1,654 conducted by My Voucher Codes found that 34% of participants said the Google logo was the one that they saw the most and 52% of people said that they searched for something using Google between 10 [.....]